2019-07-28 16:36 wisdene
LED Strip waterproof?
The IP20 LED Strips are non-waterproof, IP65 LED Strips are glue waterproof from the surface, IP67 LED Strips are silicon tube waterproof, the strips are in the tubes, for in the water, you can purchase the IP68 waterproof LED Strip. All LED strips have IP20, IP65, IP67 or IP68 for option.
If I love cold white in winter and warm white in summer, how can we select?
There are several items led strips can be change color, such as 5050 RGB, and RGBW LED Strip Lights etc, they all meet your needs.
If I only need one color, how can I do ?
All the items have single color option, for example, 2835 led strips are most hot sale in white and warm white in 60led/m. And you love the super bright but red/green/yellow/blue/pink/purple/orange/UV color etc, we produce these module LED in red/green/yellow/blue/pink/purple/orange/UV etc.
LED Strip can be cut?
Yeah, the strip have a cut mark, most of the led strips are 3 segments per sector, some items are 6 led per sector and such as 2812 individual pixel are 1 led could be cut into a sector.
How to buy ?
Send us an inquiry and you will get our quotation.
OEM available?
Yes, we could produce your custom led strip length, connectors, light lumen, input voltage, LOGO, color tempreture, CRI etc. Any thing more custom please contact us.
How about the delivery way and time?
DHL/EMS/Fedex/TNT etc, takes about 3-7 working days.
What’s your wanrranty?
2 years warranty for normal use.